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OfficeRnD Flex: 2023 Year in Review

AUTHOR: Michael Everts | Flex Product Marketing

As we wave goodbye to another year , let's pause and take a look at all of the helpful flex features the team has delivered in 2023. This year has been quite the adventure in reimagining how workplaces can be managed. Our platform has not just kept pace with the ever-changing work environment - it's been leading the way in delivering next generation workplace experiences!

Curious about what the favorite OfficeRnD Flex updates were this year and what the team is building next? Read all of that and more in our 2023 Year in Review!

The three biggest fan favorites of 2023

Throughout 2023 the team took a focused approach to improving the platform. And while we shipped dozens of exciting new features that advanced our mission to make coworking the way of working, there were three updates in particular that operators really seemed to enjoy:

1. OfficeRnD Tours

With OfficeRnD Tours operators can create branded, embeddable tour booking forms that allow prospects to easily schedule coworking tours directly from their website.

By simplifying the tour booking process, OfficeRnD Tours transforms the process of attracting and converting prospects into members. Space leads can now easily book a date and time with the community managers at your location in a visual manner.

2. Hybrid Workplace Integration

The Hybrid Workplace Integration gives operators the ability to provide member companies easy-to-use booking tools for coordinating hybrid schedules and improving collaboration.

With the Hybrid Workplace Integration, Members can book desks and meeting rooms, plan weekly work schedules together, and invite teammates to the office - all from within the Member Portal.

3. Stripe Improvements

Following the release of the much anticipated Stripe Refunds, our new Stripe 2.0 Integration introduces a game changing way for your members to connect their financial accounts securely!

Stripe 2.0 is a significant update that eliminates the lengthy ACH verification process, allowing members to quickly verify their bank credentials. In addition, we've also introduced a new payment request form and added additional direct debit options. With Stripe 2.0 waiting days for micro deposits to verify bank information is a thing of the past!

A 12-point rundown of 2023 highlights

We got the year started in January with the ability for operators to Restrict Outside Business Hours Bookings.

In February, we released new Check-In reports for operators.

March saw the release of new Finance Reports, to better manage revenue across locations.

Last April we introduced our New Contracts Experience to simplify contract creation.

In May we launched improvements to Iron Wifi with VLAN and Hotspot 2.0.

In June we shipped OfficeRnD Tours to help prospects book tours.

For July, we launched the Hybrid Workplace Integration so operators can provide member companies easy-to-use hybrid tools.

August saw the release of the Refreshed Admin Home Dashboard.

In September we announced a newly organized Settings page and search functionality to help operators configure the platform.

In October we introduced a Member Portal Refresh and Day Pass Improvements.

This November we hosted our annual FlexWorld Event and launched HubSpot Sync Improvements!

And in December we announced massive updates to our Stripe Integration with Refunds and Stripe 2.0 as well as Kisi Mobile Access and Closed Days.

What we’re most excited about next year

Looking ahead to next year, OfficeRnD is excited to introduce a range of updates across three key areas: Member Experience, Operator Efficiencies, and Extensibility.

Member Focused Improvements

Next year we’re enhancing the platform to improve the online selling experience for services like meeting rooms and day passes, with a focus on user-friendly eCommerce features and a streamlined signup process. Major updates to our Mobile App are also on the way to align it more closely with our web experience. Plus, we're developing a new Visitor Management Solution and enhancing tools for event hosting and community engagement.

Operator Focused Improvements

A big focus of ours next year is on simplifying daily admin operations and enhancing efficiency. This includes refining core admin flows, advancing analytics capabilities with better data, and improving the sales process through CRM and proposal enhancements. Additionally, we're working on pricing and revenue management tools to help operators optimize their space pricing.


We’re planning on expanding our channel management solutions for broader marketplace integrations, and exploring additional door access integrations. The team is also taking a look at integrating with presence tracking technology next year!

Keep the feedback coming!

2024 is going to be all about flex and we're super pumped to create even better digital experiences for operators and members across the globe. As always, we're all ears for your thoughts, questions, or any feedback you've got. Don't hesitate to keep the conversation going with us into the new year!

It's been an amazing ride this year! We're stoked to keep growing, working together, and building awesome stuff with you in 2024! Here's to making coworking the way of working!

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