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Feature Friday - February 10: Check-In Reports, improved notifications, and bug fixes

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

The team is hard at work on the core items from our 2023 roadmap, but this week we have a few smaller updates and bug fixes launching.

We have introduced new Check-in reports in the Analytics section that provide you with a better overview of the members and visitors that check into your space on a daily basis. Additionally, the team has made improvements to booking notifications for those spaces requiring Check-ins for their meeting room bookings. Let's jump into the updates!

New Analytics Check-In Reports

We have added two new reports into Analytics that give operators a much better overview of who has been checking into their space. You can find the new Check-in reports in Analytics / Community.

Check-ins by Customer

The Check-ins by Customer report groups all check-ins for the selected timeframe by Customer. The key information displayed on the Summary tab shows who checked in on a daily basis along with the number of day passes that were consumed.

Clicking on any of the rows allows you to drill down into a specific customer and get a detailed list of each individual check-in for the selected time period.

Check-ins by Date Report

The Check-ins by Date report groups each individual check-in by Date, giving you a chronological view of who's entering your space, when, and if a day pass was used with their visit.

You can find the full support article covering the new Check-In reports in our help center here.

Booking Check-In Confirmation Email Improvements

The team has also made improvements to check-in notifications for operators that require members to check in at their booking. This meeting room setting can be turned on in Settings / Platform/ Calendar & Bookings / Booking Policies.

We have refreshed the "Cancel booking" & "Check-in" system messages of the Booking Confirmation email. You can see an example of the updated member notifications below!

If you have any questions about this change - don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Bugs: Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue on the Company/Members page where clicking on the tabs doesn't scroll you properly.

  • Improvements to Quickbooks charges with multiple integrations.

  • Brivo OnAir status sync improvements.

  • SaltoKS will now sync members with "/" in the name.

  • Improvements to Meeting Rooms filtering on mobile.

  • Fixed an issue where Floors were not synced to SaltoKS.

  • Fixed a Rooms and Reception app redirect to the login screen.

  • Check-in button on Rooms app shown without refreshing.

  • Fixed an issue where Rooms clock would freeze during internet outages.

  • Fixed an issue when teammates with access to multiple locations in admin sees the incorrect data in the MP widget.

  • Rolling memberships are created for renewed contracts.

  • Fixed an issue where rolling contracts did not respect date/time format.

  • Fix issues with credit notes for detached fees.

  • Improved tax allocations for when adding credit notes to held deposits.

  • Custom Roles now have permissions to delete invoice PDF's.

  • Fixed and issue where the invoice number resets when location code contained dashes.

  • Fixed an issue where opportunities sorting by creation date was reversed.

  • Fixed an issue with multi-select of a custom property not working in the Member Portal.

  • Addressed an issue where admins could not add attachments to a company.

  • Fixed an issue when filtering bookings by date, reference, and status nothing would be shown.

  • HubSpot sync no longer fails after activation.

  • Fixed issues where admins with custom roles were not redirected to admin portal correctly.

  • Fixed an error when trying to edit booking one-off fees.

  • Fixed an error when a credit note set its due amount to a negative value.

  • Added a warning that all resources will be deleted with floor deletion.

  • Fixed an issue where changing the selected company in the invoice dialog does not refresh due amount when member for personal invoice was already selected.

  • Fixed an issue where syncing payment gateway for one location removed payment details from non-home location in Stripe when multi-location billing is on.

  • Addressed an issue where merging a solo member to a company member breaks memberships.

  • Fixed an error related to discounted fee prices because of coin ratio rounding.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting an invoice did not delete the target allocation.

API Changes

  • You can now add a credit note for a not paid one-off fee through the API

  • You can now add two invoices for the same one-off fee through the API

  • Paper-cut - Fix routing to handle API request with slashes

  • Public APIs timeout when called with OAuth token for some orgs

  • Delete invoice/payment from API after deleting the membership which was invoiced resulting in 500 (reproduced only company membership assigned to member)

  • Credits and Day passes endpoints now work without team/member

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