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Introducing the New Settings Page

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

Today we are thrilled to introduce an enhanced Settings page and improved search functionality to the platform! The team understands the importance of a streamlined, user-friendly interface for flex operators, and these updates are designed to make configuring and managing your workspace Settings even more intuitive.

Before we get into the Settings update - we'd like to announce that our annual FlexWorld event is just around the corner this November 1st! Join us for an in depth overview of the new Settings page and explore our flex roadmap further!

OfficeRnD Flex users can access the updated Settings page immediately using the new gear icon in the menu bar. Let's take a deeper look into the Settings update below!

Search to find the Settings you need

With our enhanced search bar, finding the specific Settings page you need has never been easier. From anywhere in the platform simply type in your keyword, and you'll be directed to the relevant page, saving you valuable time and effort.

Explore a Reorganized Settings Menu

Additionally - we've restructured the Settings modules in a more logical manner and grouped relevant settings into sections. This redesign ensures that Settings types are grouped more cohesively, making it easier for operators to quickly locate the sections they need.

Updates to Section Names

To align more closely with industry-standard terminology, we've also updated the names of certain Settings sections to make them more recognizable for operators. Notable changes to section names include:

  • General ⇨ Account Setup

  • Teammates ⇨ Admin Users

  • Permissions ⇨ Admin Roles

  • E-Commerce ⇨ Purchase Flows

  • Themes ⇨ Branding

We believe these naming refinements should help operators more quickly identify the functions they need to configure in the backend.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!

What do you think about the new Settings update? Please let us know your thoughts! Leave feedback on our dedicated Flex Updates Page and keep us posted on how we can further improve your OfficeRnD experience.

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