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Feature Friday - September 29th: Custom Tour Availability, Day Pass Improvements, and Bug Fixes

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

TGIF! Before everyone takes off for the weekend, we wanted to provide a quick update on some things we've been working on the past few weeks including Custom Tour Availability and Day Pass improvements. Let's jump right in!

Set Custom Tour Availability

We launched OfficeRnD Tours earlier this year to help operators create branded, embeddable tour forms that allow prospects to easily schedule coworking tours directly from their website. Since the release, we have heard operators ask for more customization in how they present their tour availability online and so today we are launching Custom Tour Availability!

In Settings / Platform Modules / Tour Bookings for each location the Tour Availability form now includes:

  • The entire duration of business days and hours as per the default location’s setup

  • Controls to override these hours - include/exclude days, times and even step outside the business hours

  • Ability to setup disconnected time slots, eg Mondays 9am-11am and 2pm-3pm

We hope this update will make it easier for operators to control when they are ready to give tours during the day! Take a look at the new Tour Availability settings below:

Personal and Shared Day Pass Improvements

The team has continued to make improvements to the Day Pass functionality across the platform. Operators will now be able to choose if Day Passes from One-Off plans are created as Personal or Shared when Adding Fees to a Member or Company account.

Keep an eye out for two more upcoming improvements related to Day Passes in the near future:

  • Allowing operators to create Personal Day Passes when adding Memberships.

  • Introducing a new Day Passes grid in Company and Member accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where some checkbox selections were not vertically aligned

  • Fixed an issue where long custom properties were not always displayed correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the Reception App logo was not displaying correctly

  • Fixed an issue when bookings were not properly removed using Google Calendar sync

  • Addressed an issue where Admins could not reply to some member tickets

  • Fixed an issue with selecting Members for day passes

  • Fixed an issue where invoices with manual charges could cause errors in the console

  • Fixed an issue where a Member Profile photo could not be removed

  • Addressed some typography inconsistencies when creating a post

  • Improved readability of hot desks with long booking titles on the calendar

  • Better aligned T&C's when booking on the public calendar

  • Fixed issues with the Bookings tab on the Accounts page

  • Improved filter usability across the Member Portal

  • Improved readability of segmented buttons in Member Portal

  • Addressed an issue where the Floor was missing when booking on mobile

  • Fixed an issue with displaying Events when the "Where" property was too long

  • Addressed an issue where some links in Guides weren't working

  • Fixed an issue where the "Member Bio" was not always shown on the About Us page

  • Addressed an issue where the "Remove Attachment" button was not styled correctly

  • Fixed an issue where "Billing Status" was not styled correctly

  • Fixed an issue where sections would overlap during the Sign Up process

  • Fixed an issue with recurring bookings on the last day of the month

  • Addressed an issue when store banners went missing when there were no items

  • Fixed an issue where members could RSVP to events multiple times

  • Fixed some issues on the order details page

  • Fixed an issue where some modifiers looked greyed-out

  • Fixed an issues where some columns were not populated when no export preset was used

  • Fixed an issue where Custom Role Admins did not see company credits

  • Fixed an issue where Custom Role Admins did not have full e-signature permissions

  • Fixed an issue related to Renewed Contracts and daylight savings

  • Fixed an issue where some dates were shown incorrectly on a Contract PDF

  • Fixed an issue on the dashboard where the Revenue card was cut off and Membership card was not shown

  • Fixed an issue with booking in Australian timezones during daylight savings

  • Fixed an issue when booking future resources did not always show the correct resource

  • Fixed an issue where some day passes would expire a dar earlier

  • Fixed an issue where checking out in a negative timezone counted as a day pass for the next day

  • Fixed an issue with Integration images not showing in the Admin portal

  • Addressed an issue where push notification deep linking didn't work for messages

  • Fixed an issue where Stripe payment details could sometimes disappear

  • Fixed an issue where invoices in the member portal were not sorted correctly

We’d love to get your feedback!

Any questions or thoughts about Custom Tour Availability or the new Day Pass improvements? Let us know by leaving feedback in the upper left-hand corner of this announcement.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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