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Introducing the New Contracts Experience 📄

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

We're excited to announce the launch of the New Contracts Experience, designed to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly interface for operators building contracts. The latest improvements make it easier for operators to create custom contracts that can include memberships, step plans, rolling terms, and even be sent for e-sign to prospects.

The updated contracts module was built based on operator feedback to give space admins a better picture of how their contract will look and function before they send it. The team has also refreshed the contract management backend and added more filters to sort contracts. To access the new contracts experience right now navigate to Community / Contracts in the admin portal. For a more detailed overview, you can watch a video of the New Contracts Experience here.

We believe that these contract updates will simplify the contract experience for operators and are excited to roll out this functionality today. Please note that the old contracts version will be available for a limited time and operators can switch between versions in the top bar of the contracts section.

A new way to manage contracts

The improved contract management section makes it easier to view and sort your contracts. The contract management tab has been redesigned for simpler viewing and filtering of important contracts. Contracts have been aligned into a more grid like appearance and more important details are shown.

Contracts can now be sorted and filtered by clicking the 3 dots to the right of each title section. This will allow operators to dig into the details further and better sort through their contracts. The same filters that were available before the update still exist, but we have added even more filters to organize your contracts:

Stage Filters: Type, Status

Company Filter: Member (signee)

Period Filters: End date, Rolling stage

Building contracts step-by-step

We have overhauled the contract creation process to provide easier navigation between sections and better instructions when filling out client information. This results in a far more simplified process for building new contracts.

Operators are now able to create the contract and fill out information in a more logical step-by-step fashion, making the process simpler for first time contract users.

The new contract creation steps include:

Company - Choose the company and member you are building the contract for

Duration - Choose the duration of the contract and decide if it will be a rolling contract

Items - Pick the items you want to add to the contract and create step plans

Terms & Conditions - Add your terms and conditions and the addendum

The team has added more detailed configuration instructions at each step so operators know exactly how the contract will act as they configure settings. Operators can now also find quick settings links for Contract types, the Addendum, and Terms & Conditions.

An updated contract viewing experience

Lastly, we enhanced the contract viewing functionality to make it simpler to understand the status and details of individual contracts. These updates quickly let operators see what the contract looks like and gives a more detailed informational view of the contract.

We have made several additional enhancements to the contract viewing experience including:

  • See what contracts look like simply with "Template View"

  • Quickly see the Signee name, date and time

  • Find previous PDF versions under "Generate PDF"

  • View the List vs Final price for all item types in the contract

  • View the Rolling stage price column and see the prices

We are confident that all of the combined enhancements to the contracts module will make it simpler for operators to use, and we can't wait to see teams start creating more contracts in OfficeRND!

As always, we’d love your feedback!

Have some feedback about the new contracts experience? Have an idea for something you’d like to see us working on? Drop us a line using the feedback submission form just to the left.

Thanks for reading, and happy coworking!

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