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Improvements to Day Passes ๐ŸŽŸ

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team
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Over the past few weeks the team has been hard at work on enhancements to our Day Pass functionality across the system. These improvements are designed to empower workspace operators with more flexibility and control over the sale and management of Day Passes for their members.

Before we get into the changes - we'd like to remind operators that our annual FlexWorld event is next week on November 1st! Join us for a look at the new Day Pass features and explore our flex roadmap further!

Set Day Pass Validity Periods

With the latest update, we have made it easier for operators to set up and manage day pass packages to maximize revenue at their space. Operators now have the ability to sell monthly, half-year, or annual Day Pass packages to members and prospects.

When issuing Day Passes operators can now specify exactly how long a pass will be active for using the "Valid From" settings. This new functionality will further simplify the creation of Flex/Coworking plans that provide a set number of day passes for a predefined period of time.

Introducing Personal Day Passes

In addition to setting Validity Periods operators now have the option to create Personal Day Passes. Personal Day Passes let operators sell individual day passes to members who want to use day passes independently from their company or team.

Personal Day Passes can be used only by the particular person they are assigned to. Meanwhile - Shared day passes can be used by the entire organization. You can read more about personal Day Passes in our help article here.

Manage Day Passes More Easily

The team has just introduced a new Day Passes preview grid within the Company and Member account pages. This new view lets operators quickly edit Day Passes and gives them better idea of how many Passes a team has remaining. Take a look at the new preview grid below:

Grant Active Status for Day Passes

We have also added a new setting to "Grant Active Status" for Day Passes. If this setting is enabled, OfficeRnD will grant Active Status to members who have purchased Day Pass packages, enabling access to members-only pages in the member portal. This way, operators will be able to grant access to customers purchasing large day pass packages that are valid for extended periods of time.

If linked with a Door Access integration this could also give Day Pass members access during their Validity Period. The Active status will change to the systemโ€™s default status (Drop-in) once the member does not have any more valid Day Passes.

Coming Soon - Better Notifications & Day Pass Widget

Over the next couple of weeks, the team has additional plans to make the Day Pass experience better for Members as well. Soon, Members will be notified through notification emails regarding their Day Pass balance. We also have plans to build a Day Pass widget for the Member Portal so Members can quickly see their remaining balance. Check out a preview below:

Let us know what you think!

We have built these Day Pass updates based on feedback from many operators! Are these Day Pass improvements useful for your organization?

Hit the feedback button to the left to let us know your thoughts! We canโ€™t wait to hear from you.

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