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Launching Stripe 2.0 - Instant ACH Verification, a Refreshed Payment Request Form, and more!

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

We are thrilled to announce the latest integration update for OfficeRnD Flex - Stripe 2.0. Following the release of Stripe Refunds last week, Stripe 2.0 introduces a game changing way for your members to connect their financial accounts securely!

Stripe 2.0 is a significant update that eliminates the lengthy ACH verification process, allowing members to quickly verify their bank credentials. In addition, we've also introduced a new payment request form and added additional direct debit options. With Stripe 2.0 waiting days for micro deposits to verify bank information is a thing of the past! Let's jump into the changes!

Stripe 2.0 Update Highlights

  1. Instant ACH Verification: Allow members to connect and verify ACH bank accounts in moments, bypassing traditional delays like micro deposits.

  2. Refreshed Payment Request Form: Collect payment details quicker without making members sign in to add them.

  3. New Direct Debit Options Available: BECS Direct Debit for our Australian users and PAD debit for Canada respectively.

  4. Multi-Currency Payments: Tailored to show available payment methods based on a member's currency.

Stripe 2.0 is now available to activate on your account! To enable the new version, simply navigate to Settings / Integrations. Click on the Upgrade to Stripe Integration 2.0 button at the top of the integrations page to upgrade.

Changes to Member Payment Collection

Upon activating Stripe 2.0, it's important to note an update to our payment handling process. In alignment with Stripe's enhanced security measures, operators can no longer enter credit card and bank details on behalf of members in the Admin platform. Instead, Stripe payments will be collected securely from members through a new Payment Request Form. We have covered the changes to the Payment Request form in more detail below.

We understand that adjustments like these require time. Therefore we are providing a 6-month period for your team to transition smoothly to Stripe 2.0. For now - operators can still revert back to Stripe 1.0 once they have upgraded if they need more time to adjust their payment collection process. Please note that starting in July 2024, all Stripe accounts will be automatically upgraded to the latest integration version. You can read more about our Stripe 2.0 changes in our support article. Should you have any questions or require assistance during this transition, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

A Brand New Payment Request Form

We're excited to introduce a streamlined way for you to request payment details from members. Our updated Request Payment Details form is now much clearer, making the payment collection process easier for both operators and members. Operators can quickly send new payment requests from the Payment Details sections for both Companies and Members.

Additionally, operators can now send payment requests to non-registered users. With Stripe 2.0 - all that is needed is an email to collect payment information.

Once the Payment Request has been sent, users will receive a branded email with a button to quickly enter payment details from any device, eliminating the need to log into OfficeRnD. You can customize the Request Payment Details email in the Template settings. Check out the new Payment Details experience for members below:

Improved Stripe Configuration Settings

Gain more control over how you manage your Stripe accounts with our improved configuration settings. Directly enable or disable payment methods without needing to access the Stripe Dashboard, and display only the relevant payment methods based on your organization's location and currency.

Stripe 2.0 - What's next?

We have more updates planned over the next few months that will continue to improve the Stripe 2.0 experience! Take a look below:

  1. eCommerce Flow Improvements: Next year we'll integrate the updated payments forms into signup, public booking, and additional eCommerce flows. 

  2. Expanded Payment Methods: We're adding Google Pay, Apple Pay, and CashApp, as well as more local options like Netherlands based iDeal.

  3. Payment Signup Controls: Soon you'll be able to disable cards or banks during the signup process for certain memberships, offering even more flexibility at your space.

Your feedback matters

Your insights are invaluable to us. We encourage you to share your thoughts on the new Stripe 2.0 integration. Are there additional features you'd like to see? Do you have specific needs that aren't currently met? Let us know - we're here to listen and adapt.

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