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Introducing Multi-Vendor Mobile Access

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team
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We are excited to announce a big update to OfficeRnD door access: Multi-Vendor Mobile Access! This feature directly addresses a common challenge faced by operators and members - managing multiple access control systems across various locations. With this latest update, your members can smoothly move from one location to another while enjoying a consistent door access experience, all through the OfficeRnD Mobile app.

We're proud to share that this integration supports leading vendors like SaltoKS, KISI, and Brivo, ensuring a wide range of access control compatibility across workplaces. This update represents a big step in our ongoing commitment to provide operators and members with a seamless, user-friendly access experience.

Enable Multi-Vendor Mobile Access In Your Branded App

To enable Multi-Vendor Mobile Access across locations operators should submit a support ticket to request an app update with the mobile access vendors of their choice (SaltoKS, KISI, and Brivo). Deploying the updated app can take up to two weeks. You can read our help article for more detailed setup information for your account.

Using Multi-Vendor Mobile Access

Once your Branded App has been updated - all members with access groups assigned in OfficeRnD will be able to see a Key Button in the bottom right corner of their app. Hitting the Key Button for the first time will trigger the vendor's respective authentication method:

  • SaltoKS initiates a quick authentication.

  • KISI creates a Managed User in KISI.

  • Brivo re-issues a Mobile Pass.

Once the authentication process is completed, the app downloads the digital key for the respective integration and searches for a nearby lock. Depending on the lock model and vendor, members might need to tap on the lock with the device so it can communicate with it. With Multi-Vendor Mobile Access, members can quickly access multiple locations with a simple door access experience, all via the OfficeRnD Mobile App!

What's next for Door Access

This is just the beginning of our journey this year in enhancing door access across flex spaces. Our roadmap is geared towards developing additional door access integrations, including platforms like OpenPath, to build an even more robust system. The aim is to ensure OfficeRnD remains your go-to hub for door access, streamlining management of members and security with greater efficiency. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as we will be taking a more detailed look at where door access is headed!

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