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Unlock Brivo Doors with the OfficeRnD Branded Mobile App

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

We're excited to share that Member Mobile Access is now widely available for operators using Brivo door access! Member Mobile Access puts space keys directly inside the OfficeRnD Mobile App to streamline door access for members and simplify the onboarding process for staff.

Use the OfficeRnD Mobile App to Unlock Brivo Doors

Operators can check out the Member Mobile Access help article to get this functionality enabled on your account. Once Member Mobile Access is enabled and your Branded app has been updated a key icon will appear for members that have door access to the space.

To enter the space, members can tap the key icon within their OfficeRnD app and put their phone near the Brivo reader. The phone will sync with the Brivo reader and unlock the door to the space as needed.

It's as simple as that - multiple apps are not required anymore to unlock doors at your space!

Provide the Ultimate Access Experience with Branded Apps

Mobile Member Access is available for operators using the Branded Apps add-on along with Brivo door access. The Branded Apps add-on allows you to deliver a white-labeled mobile app with push notifications and customize your member portal even further. If you’re not using Branded Apps and are interested in the Mobile Access functionality, send us a message at and we can help you get started.

Start Using Member Mobile Access Today

We are excited for the launch of Brivo Mobile Access, and with this release all door access integrations including Salto and Kisi now allow you to unlock doors using the OfficeRnD Branded App. If your space is using Brivo for door access contact us at to get started unlocking your doors with OfficeRnD.

Thoughts about the update? We are excited to hear what you think about Brivo Member Mobile Access!

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