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[WiFi] IronWiFi Integration

STAGE: Released 🚀

After the latest improvements, the OfficeRnD<>IronWiFi integration could now help you:

  • Track member presence with OfficeRnD and IronWiFi, providing valuable insights to optimize your Flex space for billing or monitoring purposes.

  • Achieve unified authentication across your network and member portal with secure synchronization between OfficeRnD and IronWiFi. Members will enjoy a branded login experience using the same credentials for their mobile app, member portal, and network access.

  • Automate day-pass usage for members logging in with OfficeRnD and IronWiFi, providing a hassle-free experience for operators.

  • Simplify VLAN Management - easily administer VLAN assignments for different types of network traffic and improve network security.

  • Enhance onboarding with Hotspot 2.0 - providing automatic network authentication and secure credential storage, eliminating password-sharing risks, and delivering a seamless WiFi experience for your members.

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