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Member Apps

Allow Members to Control Company Member Directory through the Member Portal

STAGE: Released 🚀

OfficeRnD is usually the system of truth for your existing customer base and keeping it up-to-date often poses a challenge. We've already extended our Member Apps to allow Members to add to their team (i.e. new members), but now we're going to double down on this functionality and extend it even more.

We'll soon allow you to outsource a bigger part of the process by giving you the ability to allow key people from each company to control the statuses of their colleagues, and through them the access to the Member Apps, the office (through Access Control integrations), or any of the other key services in your buildings.

You'll also be able to set up a limit on how many Active Members a company in your space can have, which will be enforced for the Members in your space that control statuses and their company directory, but not for your staff as an Operator.

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