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OfficeRnD Flex 2024 Roadmap

AUTHOR: Miro Miroslavov | CEO

As we jump head first into 2024, the team is committed to empowering operators, landlords, and members in harnessing the full potential of their coworking and flexible workspaces! Our 2024 roadmap has been thoughtfully designed, featuring huge enhancements to our core platform as well as introducing a few new integrations. 

Every update on our roadmap is a result of discussions, data analysis, and the invaluable feedback from our operator community! You can always find our up to date plans on the Flex Updates Roadmap. Keep in mind, our roadmap for the year is an initial plan subject to change based on ongoing evaluation. Let us know what you think – your feedback is crucial in shaping our product to better suit your space!

Launching the OfficeRnD Data Hub

This year, we’re spending more time on optimizing backend administrative tasks to enhance your team's productivity. We've critically assessed our analytics performance and recognize the need for significant improvement to better serve operators. After thorough evaluation, we've decided that implementing a new reporting engine is the key to improving the data experience in OfficeRnD. 

In the coming weeks, we are overhauling Analytics with the new OfficeRnD Data Hub. Get ready for a reporting experience that is not just faster, but also more intuitive and interactive. The OfficeRnD Data Hub will empower your team to uncover valuable insights and make better decisions about your workplace. 

We’ll start by recreating the current dashboards and reports, then we’ll incorporate your feedback to further refine and expand their functionalities. Later this year, we will allow you to easily build fully custom dashboards or connect the raw data to your own data warehouse. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a more comprehensive overview of the Data Hub. We are excited to equip operators with more powerful insights in 2024!

Improved Channel Management with the Growth Hub

As part of our ongoing commitment to support operators in maximizing revenue at their spaces, we're excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Growth Hub. Serving as a centralized module within OfficeRnD Flex, the Growth Hub will offer a suite of powerful tools and features designed to elevate your space's visibility and drive growth.

Take a sneak peek at some of the key features of the Growth Hub below:

Enhanced Public Sign-Up and eCommerce Experience

We're overhauling the online sales journey for meeting room bookings, membership signups, and day passes. Get ready for embedded, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized eCommerce workflows directly on your marketing website. We plan to create a sleeker, more modern booking experience for your prospects.

We also plan to amplify your sales potential with an array of discount code options, allowing you to strategically market memberships and rooms to your ideal audience at precisely the right moments.

Better Resource Sharing Across Various Marketplaces

Say goodbye to resource management headaches when sharing resources across marketplaces! This year we’ll be introducing tools that allow you to quickly share resources and their availability to aggregators and marketplace websites.

Dynamic Pricing for Public Resources

We'll also introduce dynamic pricing capabilities that allow operators to build customizable rules and use occupancy data to optimize revenue continuously. With this feature operators can more easily ensure pricing remains competitive and maximize revenue across resources.

Introducing a New Visitor Management Solution

Our new Visitor Management Solution is set to help automate your front desk experience. We are rebuilding the app from the ground up and giving operators more options to customize the app for community engagement, deliveries, and event hosting. 

We also plan to introduce text message notifications to members so they can be quickly notified from the front desk upon a visitor's arrival. We are confident that our Visitor Management Solution will become an essential asset for enhancing your front-desk operations.

Advancements in Payment Processing

Continuing the work on the Stripe 2.0 integration which added Instant ACH, we're adding additional payment options for members such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and iDEAL. 

In response to your feedback, we'll reinstate the option for operators to add credit cards in the backend. This adjustment addresses the primary concern raised following the Stripe 2.0 upgrade, ensuring operators feel confident in utilizing it in their daily operations with members.

Additionally, we're simplifying charge tracking through Stripe with the introduction of a new Charges view within the platform. This view offers a more intuitive way to monitor charges, providing greater transparency and control.

Mobile App Improvements

Now that Multi-Vendor Mobile Access has launched, the Members app is becoming the core hub for members looking to utilize and purchase services at your workspace. Our aim is to impress members from the moment they open the app, inspiring them to fully embrace all the amenities at your space!

This year we also have plans to align our Mobile App more closely with the web experience, focusing on a user-friendly booking process and a lot of community requested improvements. 

Streamlining Contracts and eSign

Our contract management functionality is getting a boost with improved eSigning capabilities. We’ll introduce more notifications, better tracking and support for multiple signatories. Get ready for more contract management updates later this year!

Exploring Door Access and Presence Tracking

We’re investigating integrations with new door access partners like OpenPath to improve connectivity and enhance workplace security. 

The team also has plans to integrate with presence tracking sensors to complement the modern office setup, ensuring seamless member tracking across the office. 

Enhancing the Member Experience With Day Passes

Expanding on our day pass enhancements, we'll next focus on the member experience. We’ll introduce a new Allowance page on both the members' portal and mobile app, where members will gain visibility into their check-ins, day pass, credits, and coins usage. 

We’ll also introduce a new Day Passes widget on the members' portal dashboard, providing a convenient snapshot of used and remaining day passes. We aim to ensure members stay informed and in control of their day passes usage.

You Asked: We'll Deliver

Besides the core areas we have already covered, the team also has plans to tackle many additional improvements that have been highlighted and requested by you! Some of these features include:

Making Coworking the Way of Working

Flex is the future of work and we have many exciting platform improvements planned for 2024. We rely on your feedback, so please keep the comments, questions, and ideas flowing! Take a direct look at our roadmap board here and let us know your thoughts.

This is just a preview of the plans we have for this year. There's more to come, with regular updates and announcements on the way. We're incredibly eager to introduce these new features to flex operators everywhere and help make coworking the way of working!

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