Martin Kanovski, Product Manager

March 31, 2021: Improvements of the Calendar in the Member Portal

AUTHOR: Martin Kanovski, Product Manager

In the last release for this month, we are introducing some major performance improvements of the Calendar in the Member Portal. Read below for more details.

We released:

  • Performance and UX improvements of the Calendar in the Member Portal

  • The way fees purchased from the Member Portal are recorded

We Fixed:

  • More than 20 bugs

Improvements of the Calendar in the Member Portal

We are constantly improving the Calendar which is the most used feature in the Member Portal. With the latest updates, It has never been easier and faster to browse, filter, and book meeting rooms:

  • We added Today buttons and arrows which allow you to easily navigate through the calendar and quickly book a meeting room

  • We significantly improved the performance of the calendar. Now the calendar loads in a blink of an eye regardless of how many rooms do you have.

  • We introduced a new Card view for mobile devices which allows your members to quickly see which rooms are available. The new cards present all important information to members (e.g. capacity, amenities, etc.) so they can make a decision which room to book directly from this view.

One-off fee details improvements

When members purchase a one-off item in the shop, the charge is now not only associated with the member’s company but also records the name of the member who produced it. The information can be found under the Member column in the One-off fees section in the Company profile.


  • Invoicing the same fee without an associated plan multiple times was possible

  • Using an export present for invoices did not generate ItemCodes properly

  • The invoiced revenue report did not load properly for large organizations when configuring for long time periods

  • Account labels for one-off fees were missing in some scenarios

  • Their invoiced memberships would not transfer accordingly when moving a member to a company

  • When members paid an invoice by credit card through Stripe in the member’s portal without saving the credit card, they would get an error

  • Filtering resources by size through API would not work as expected when combined with availability filtering

  • Canceling a membership would not unassign the resource tied to it

  • Granting Brivo access to several plans via a Mobile passcard would cut all access when 1 of the plans was removed

  • When a booking was made via the Public calendar, a previously enabled email alert to admins was not being sent

  • Booking reminder emails would not display the Cancellation policy

  • Incorrect error message when trying to update booking details that don’t match the respective booking policy

  • Bookings created by admins would trigger emails with missing company/member information

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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