Momchil Andreev, Product Director

March 3, 2021: Improved Plans and Products Categorization and New Reports Improvements

AUTHOR: Momchil Andreev, Product Director

We are starting March with great improvements on how you can categorize plans and products, enhancements to some of our existing finance reports, and the usual fixes for any bugs we found.

We released:

  • Improved Plans and Products Categorization

We improved:

  • The Payments Summary Report

  • The AR Aging Report

  • The Prepayments Report

We Fixed:

  • 19 important bugs

Improved Plans and Products Categorization

We’ve made big improvements to the way you can categorize plans and services. Now you can create categories simply and quickly by just writing Category name and Description (Optional). You can do this from Billing -> Categories. To guarantee your smooth transition to the new flow we have migrated all of your existing categories so you can see them in the Categories tab. With the new Categories you can:

  • Manage the Product Categorization end-to-end

  • Easily see which plans and services are assigned to which category

  • Assign multiple categories to one product


Finance Reports Improvements

  • The Payments summary report now features an Allocations section for payments made via credit notes and/or overpayments. All allocations will be listed at the bottom of the report showing a positive and negative amount for the invoiced amount and credit note/overpayment amount covering the invoice. The Invoice column of the report will point you to the relevant credit note or overpayment number from which the allocation was made.

  • The AR aging report now shows the deposit balance on both the invoice and transaction level. Please note that the recorded deposit amount is valid as of today and does not relate to the selected time frame in the period filter.

  • The Prepayments report now includes overpayments and credit notes which have unallocated amounts irrelevant to their created/issue/due dates. Once the due amount is 0, the credit note/overpayment will no longer appear.


  • The yellow dots defining the start and end of a floor plan couldn’t be deleted

  • The payment method filter in the billing module was not displaying information correctly

  • Stripe 3D verification emails were not properly sent when making a payment from the Admin

  • Personal fee deposits were counted on the team vs personal level

  • Only 1 receipt was sent when bulk charging invoices

  • Cloning a membership would show a list of members from all companies

  • Deposit one-off fees were not marked as paid when they were not configured as refundable

  • Hubspot did not sync opportunity name changes properly

  • There were two different Owner role types in Teammate roles

  • Creating a role type was case sensitive which could produce identical roles

  • Processing fees were not calculated and shown on the Accounts chart in the Billing section

  • Projected revenue report .csv exports would show a blank location column

  • Teammates with the role Owner and Center manager would not show in the Contract approvers list

  • Terminating a contract would delete coins granted from a different contract

  • Memberships in the timezone GMT -07:00 would be terminated earlier

  • Applying discounts to invoices after syncing them with Quickbooks would produce wrong tax numbers

  • Clicking the Add button multiple times when creating a member produced multiple identical members

  • Missing last seen information for members logging in through the members portal

  • The Occupancy report would show incorrect values in the Area column

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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