Michael Everts, Product Marketing

June 2021: Introducing Analytics and Marketplace

AUTHOR: Michael Everts, Product Marketing

Throughout June the team was hard at work delivering our new data platform OfficeRnD Analytics and launching a new digital Marketplace for members. You can see a recap of our release announcement FlexForward here. Let’s jump into the details!

We Released:

  • OfficeRnD Analytics – visualize your revenue and space data like never before

  • OfficeRnD Marketplace – provide a custom digital marketplace to your members to enable catering and other services

  • Admin Calendar Improvements

We Fixed:

  • More than 20 bugs

Welcome to OfficeRnD Analytics

OfficeRnD Analytics gives your team all the information needed to run your space with detailed dashboards tracking revenue, traffic, occupancy, bookings, and utilization. So you can spend more time making decisions and less time making reports. Analytics is available today for all users. Read the blog about Analytics here.

  • 5 Premade Dashboards focusing on important operator KPI’s

  • Drag and drop widgets to create a custom dashboard for your team

  • Filter reports by date, location, resource, revenue account, and more


Meet the Member Marketplace

The OfficeRnD Marketplace allows you to add custom Stores into a digital marketplace. Occupiers can easily view these stores through the member portal to purchase goods and services. Marketplace is available for customers today with the Premium Branded Apps. Read the blog about Marketplace here.

  • Create branded storefronts for your occupiers to browse

  • Categorize goods and group similar products

  • Allow members to purchase products from mobile devices


Improvements to Admin Calendar

We are always working to improve the experience for operators on the back end. With the latest updates, we have significantly improved the performance of the Admin Calendar and made it much easier to find all of the meeting information you are looking for.

  • We updated the meeting room headers of the day view. Now, you can clearly see the location, capacity and rate under the meeting room name

  • We significantly improved the performance of the calendar. Now the calendar loads faster regardless of how many rooms you have.

Bug fixes

  • bank account charging through the admin would throw an error

  • Specific member/company profile sidebar actions would be invisible to teammates with custom roles

  • Uploading event images would be impossible for teammates with custom roles

  • Unpaid invoices would not sync properly to new contacts in Xero and QuickBooks

  • Removing overpayment allocations in Xero did not remove them in ORND

  • Overpayments would be synced to Xero incorrectly when there is more than 1 Xero integration

  • Xero synced overpayments would not sync back properly when allocated in ORND

  • Zapier integration would stop working when syncing 7,000 or more items

  • Auto and manual bill runs would not populate the reference field in invoices

  • Location exports would return an empty revenue column

  • Overpayments synced to Xero and updated in ORND could break later invoice allocations

  • Wrong taxes displayed on signup page

  • When you have more than 1 location, but only 1 of them isOpen, the Community tab was empty

  • Color pickers in admin were broken

  • Member checkout didn’t take timezone into account resulting in weird checkout end dates

  • Child meeting rooms with capacity that have parent meeting room without capacity were not respected from the capacity filter

  • Cancel started booking wasn’t allowed in the Mobile App

  • Custom Page was displayed Incorrectly in the Mobile App

  • Filter for a bookable custom resource passed incorrect dates in the Mobile App

  • Longer workspace names are hidden behind the notification icon on Android in the Mobile App

  • Setup and Processing fees are not displayed in the Summary on the Signup page

  • Booking reminders occasionally were not sent

  • When you try to attach a file to a How To Guide before you enter the How to Guide name there was an error

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