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Feature Friday - August 5: Import improvements, a modernized web certificate experience, and more

AUTHOR: The OfficeRnD Team

Happy Friday!

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Before you settle down for the weekend, we’ve got a few new features and bug fixes in store for you!

Updated Memberships Import Experience

We have made some improvements to the Memberships import experience to make setting up the system easier for new organizations. Instead of making admins manually assign memberships to resources after the import, we now allow resource mapping to be handled directly via the Memberships import.

To achieve this we have introduced a new column in the Memberships import template called Resource Name. When the property is populated with the name of an existing resource in the system, that member and membership will be assigned directly to that resource during the import.

We believe this will save a tremendous amount of time for operators getting started in the system. The new template for importing memberships can be found here.

Custom Domain Certificate Improvements

We're also happy to share that you no longer need to renew the certificate for the custom domain of your member portal!

You do not need to keep track of expiration dates, purchase new certificates, and worry about sending us the right set of files anymore! OfficeRnD Flex will automatically issue and renew certificates to ensure a secure and reliable connection between your members and the members portal.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at if you have any questions about this change.

Bugs: Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated Membership Import validation messaging

  • Fixed “Sign in with SSO” button incorrectly showing sometimes

  • Deleting a booking in Google did not always remove it in OfficeRnD

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a certificate prevented users from enabling a domain again

  • Fixed an issue where resources were missing from the contracts grid

  • Improved webhooks from eZeep in OfficeRnD

  • Fixed an error where users could not open Cart page when multi-location billing was enabled

  • Improved filtering of invoices when searching by ID

  • Improved contract error messaging when attempting to send eSign when primary item is missing

  • Fixed an issue where Slack icons were not showing up in the members portal

  • Fixed an issue where Analytics reports had no titles

  • Fixed an error when the memberships grid was not updated after deleting a contact

  • Fixed an issue where Center Managers did not have permission to edit and delete credits

  • Improved messaging when there are no results for a metric in Analytics

  • Fixed an issue with export of resources not showing the target plan

  • Fixed an issue where no membership was created when Stripe returns an error in signup flow

  • Fixed scheduled door access sometimes removing access earlier than expected

  • Fixed some Google integration sync errors

  • Fixed an error where the pop-up would not close after merging locations

  • Fixed an error where buffer time was still present even if back to back booking is disabled

  • API - Improved selecting of fields in the memberships collection

As always, we’d love your feedback!

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Thanks for reading, and have an amazing weekend!

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