Martin Kanovski, Product Manager

April, 2021: New Booking Details Page and Other Member Tools Improvements

AUTHOR: Martin Kanovski, Product Manager

The month of April was full of new and cool stuff coming to OfficeRnD. It is hard to summarize all of these in one short sentence so read along for more details.

We released:

  • New Booking Detail Page

  • Update of Custom Bookable Resources

  • Improvements of the Shopping Cart

  • New SSO integration – Azure B2C

  • Changes to Credit Notes for Deposits

  • Door Access for Booking Guests

We Fixed:

  • More than 20 bugs

New Booking Detail Page

We have introduced a significant improvement in the Booking flow in the Member Portal. After all successful bookings members land on a new Booking Detail page. This allows them easily review the details of their booking. Members can access the new page at any time from Account -> Bookings by selecting a booking. The Booking Detail page displays in visually appealing and intuitive everything that you need to know about your booking (general booking information and preferences, recurrence, guests, extras and cancellation policy and fees).

Update of Custom Bookable Resources

The Booking and Booking Cancellation policies are now applied for custom bookable resources by time. This allows you to manage end-to-end the post-Covid growing demand for custom solutions. Now admins can:

  • Set maximum duration of the bookings

  • Allow recurring bookings (daily, weekly, monthly, and custom)

  • Limit recurring bookings span

  • Allow bookings only during business days and hours

Improvements of the Shopping Cart

E-commerce is among our key priorities for 2021 and we are improving all steps of the purchase flow. Recently, we have been focused on the Shopping Cart. We have made the following updates valid for the Cart in the Member Portal and the Signup Page:

  • Quantity is now next to the date and it is easy to find and select

  • Extras are now listed after the fees and deposit related to the plans

  • Extras’ deposits are on separate lines which makes it clear to which products do they belong

  • Product titles are now case sensitive to follow the way you have set them in the Admin

  • In the Member Portal, the items added to the Cart are kept when the member navigates from one page to another.

New SSO integration – Azure B2C

We’ve added a new SSO integration option in our Member portal allowing members to sign in and register through Azure. As part of this we’ve also enabled the password reset functionality so the member creation flow can be handled by the 3rd party authentication provider end-to-end.

Changes to Credit Notes for Deposits

We now allow admins to partially or fully credit a deposit directly from the deposits balance. A credit note for a deposit can be issued as a standalone document by selecting the “Credit deposit held” checkbox. This will remove any other line items leaving only the deposit as a default which can’t be deleted.

Door Access for Booking Guests

We have improved all the native Door Access integrations in OfficeRnD which will now grant access to relevant locks to all active members who are recorded as Guests in a Booking. This will make it easier for all invited members to access the booked resource during the booking period.


  • Adding existing fees to invoices was possible multiple times instead of once

  • Fees without an associated plan were not updated accordingly if the product field was marked as required and could be invoiced more than once

  • Changing an invoice’s issue date when editing it through the manual billrun preview did not trigger an update

  • Booking a room as a new user through the new Members portal did not send a Welcome email

  • Adding an existing fee to an invoice disregarded the revenue account of the fee

  • Enabling Brivo On-air Pass did not sync access accordingly

  • Verifying a newly added Stripe bank account through the Stripe UI did not sync the verification status properly

  • One-off fee account labels were missing in some cases

  • Negative timezones would produce incorrect months in the Admin Revenue dashboard

  • Adding new line items in invoices could produce incorrect invoice dates

  • Invoicing was not working as expected when the proration setting was set to “Second invoice”

  • Adding an overpayment through the Invoices section could produce an error

  • Setting custom resource types with spaces in the name would break the Occupancy dashboard

  • Bulk invoice sync would fail for US Quickbooks accounts and at least one invoice with multiple tax rates

  • Stripe 3DS authorization would fail in some cases

  • Exporting the manual bill run preview results with flat-rate discounts applied to memberships would produce discount line items with wrong dates

  • Overpayments would not sync properly from Xero

  • The credit note dialog would load slow

  • Editing overpayments would produce an error

  • Invoice periods would get miscalculated in second invoice proration settings if the billing date is after the membership start date

  • The app sign-up flow would break when you have 2 T&C documents tied to member terms and a billing plan.

  • The Members report would display wrong data for organizations in negative time zones

  • The months shown in the Revenue dashboard would appear wrong for organizations in negative time zones

  • Changing the issue date of an invoice in the manual bill run preview results would not update the invoice accordingly

We are constantly working on many new features, improvements, and fixes. If you have any questions or want to submit feedback, please reach out to

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