Michael Everts, Product Marketing

Announcing the OfficeRnD Analytics Challenge

AUTHOR: Michael Everts, Product Marketing

Calling all data and analytics enthusiasts!

We are excited to announce OfficeRnD’s first dashboard challenge! The team is looking for a couple standout widget and report ideas that would take space analytics to the next level! Our team of Data Analytics Experts will review all of the submissions and build the best reports directly into the OfficeRnD Analytics Module.

Perhaps you are interested in a widget that displays new memberships and revenue per month, or you are looking for a detailed overview of Hot Desk usage during the week? We want to turn your data headache into information nirvana.

Submit your idea for what dashboard would make your life easier and help you do your job faster. The more detail the better! Contest details can be found below:

How to Submit

Submit your Dashboard Ideas Here

We will reach out in the coming days if we have any specific questions about your submission.

Contest Winners

  • Submitted reports added to the OfficeRnD Widget Library

  • $300 Amazon gift card for 1st place, and $50 gift card to 5 additional submissions

  • Report highlighted in our update blog


15th Oct 2021

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